What Makes a Chandellier Good

The chandelier was the first electric light. It is a fixture that hangs from the ceiling and provides illumination to an entire room, but it does so in a way that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

What Makes a Chandellier Good

It’s possible to find chandeliers that are both impractical and ugly. Just because something is large, ornate, or fancy doesn’t mean it will be any good at its intended purpose. A chandelier has two jobs: to use electricity to give the entire room light, and to look attractive while doing so.

Good chandeliers do both of these things well. They are the perfect balance between form and function, and they never sacrifice one for the other.

A good chandelier is attractive because it fits its space. If you’re buying a chandelier online, look at photographs carefully to see if the size was chosen correctly. Chandeliers should not be too big for the room they are in, nor should they be too small.

Look at the color of the chandelier. Different metals have different colors, and you’ll want to match your chandelier with other metal objects in the room if possible. A dark metal looks good in a rustic space, but it will look out of place in a modern room. Brass and nickel chandeliers work well with the traditional decor of an old house, whereas chrome or polished nickel fits better with modern spaces.


Different types of crystals also bring different styles to the table. Some crystals are transparent and light-catching; others refract and reflect light. Both methods allow the light to spread more easily than it would with clear crystals, but one or the other is likely more effective in different rooms.

A good chandelier lets you control the brightness of the room. It’s not just about turning up or down the lights; it’s about making sure that your chandelier is the right tool for the job. You might want a dimmer for a romantic dinner or a brighter light when you’re reading in bed, and your chandelier should be able to accommodate this.

A chandelier is an object that looks good and operates well. That’s the mark of a quality chandelier: one that costs enough to be worth buying, but not so much money you would be heartbroken if it broke. The right chandelier can make your dining room or living room feel more special, but only if that chandelier is well-made.  You can look for affordable modern chandeliers in many stores, but you need to choose the right one carefully.


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