Are autocraze legitimate

Many websites on the Internet offer information about RVs. Some websites provide information about RV manufacturers. The problem with the auto craze is that it does not give legitimate or factual information about either topic but instead offers opinions and biased viewpoints of the subject matter.


It’s one thing to have an opinion, but you deserve scrutiny when you try to pass off your opinion as to the fact. It will be fair to point out. However, there are good things at this site, like pictures of vehicles under construction or available for purchase; by no means intended as a comprehensive list. For instance, some may find technical specs for individual units helpful in deciding which team might be best suited for them, given their specific needs and wants.

This site’s author seems to have decided his opinion on what makes a good RV, how it should look, what features are essential, and so on, which is fine if he does not try to pass his opinions on as fact. For example, the first picture you see when you go to the auto craze is an airstream. The author has included this particular picture over other more modern RVs because the exterior design was attractive to him at one time. Never mind that newer designs may be more attractive for anyone who does not share the same taste as the writer.


Likewise, there is no mention of brand names such as Forest River or Thor in any article until towards the very end where they are mentioned in a list with other brands. The writer ignores the many other good manufacturers of RVs in favor of using his personal preferences to guide visitors to this site.


In conclusion, the Autocraze Australia is a flawed website because it offers little helpful information. Nobody will stick around long enough to read through all the biased assumptions about what is good or bad when shopping for an RV.

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