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The Evolution of Mobile Technology

The Evolution of Mobile Technology

11 Jun , 2016,
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It’s safe to say, Mobile Phone Technology has come a long way:

1. Early Mobile Phones

Cell phones used to be just analog phones, with the sole purpose of providing the consumer with the capability of making and receiving voice calls while on the road. Innovation in the form of text messaging followed. Many people saw the convenience in a cheaper means of sending a short message without making a call. As messages got more and more creative in design, there were more and more additions being made to the capabilities of a cell phone. Text messages soon had the ability to make their way into an email. Graphics were integrated into text messages.

“A product you simply cannot live without and I’m sure others will agree is your cell phone” says John Millar. Cell phones have been around for a long time, and they truly have revolutionized the way we communicate. Back in the day cell phones were large huge devices with long antennae. They sort of resembled military walkie talkies except instead of holding them up to your mouth you instead held it up to your ear. The only feature they offered was the ability to make and receive phone calls while being out on the go. These first models were only used by the government, rich and famous. Back then they were very expensive and only came in one of two colors which were black or grey.

One of the first types of long range communication is the use of the Morse code. These were used in world war one and two for spying and talking to other concentrations of Allied troops. This proved to be a weak form of communication because the signal could be easily intercepted by the enemy. As a result, codes were used for signals which of course would be broken in time, but the codes got more complicated as the hackers became more efficient in their code breaking.

2. Smart Phones

The telephone was a big breakthrough and is still used today as the main form of long range communication. However today it is used as a portable device in the form of a mobile phone. The most impressive thing about this is that it allows communication to be verbal which is allows you to talk to a person on the other side of the planet or even the moon if you have a signal that is strong enough to emit that far.

3. Wearable Technology

Communication has always been the basic feature of humans which binds them in society. With the evolution of technology, the use and need for communication have also increased. People are now required to communicate with each other more often. Sometimes it is because of the wish to talk to someone or sometimes its because of the work. The methods to communicate have also evolved over the time. Earlier communication was only possible when two people were in front of each other, then the process to send written messages or letters came upon. Both the methods go deep within the human history, but the recent invention of telecom sector has revolutionized the communication process. With the help of Telecom, the communication is possible even without the requirement of physical presence of the other person. And the biggest milestone in telecom has been, no doubt – mobile phones.

This was followed by a much more sophisticated type of ring tone called the Polyphonic ringtones, which could produce 16 different sounds at one time. This accounted for the bettering of levels of ring tones to almost music quality. This second generation ring tones started becoming popular in 2002 because the encoded sequences provided high fidelity instrumental tones.

A new type of ring tones, the true tones, followed this. It was based on audio formats such as MP3, AAC, and WMA. Some call this type the master tone or real tone, simply because of the superiority of sound quality and the variety they offer. They have really lived up to their name so far.The new type of ringtones based on audio formats MP3, AAC, and WMA which followed is called True tones. This type offered superiority of sound quality and came to be known as Master tone or Realtone. The wide variety they offered was also amazing. The popularity they received is proof to the fact that they have lived up to their name.

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