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Save Time With An Answering Service

9 Aug , 2016,
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It can be an arduous task for small business owner to answer each and every incoming phone call when there are many other core responsibilities to focus on. Nowadays, there are efficient small Business Phone Answering services that assist small business owners in their call handling.

The customer service that a company provides is crucial in maintaining existing clients as well as attracting more customers. Employing a phone answering service in small business offices can greatly enhance its customer service even as increasing its productivity. In addition, Business Phone Answering services like are highly profitable for small businesses that do not have enough capital to employ a full-time receptionist to handle the huge volume of inbound calls. The virtual small business phone answering service provides all the benefits of a live receptionist round-the-clock at a fraction of the cost.

How Save Time through Business Phone Answering

1. According to a recent study by AT&T, around 75% of business related phone calls will not be completed on the first try. Additionally, 65% of people do not normally leave voice messages. These statistics show that consumers are not only failing to get through to businesses, but they are not leaving messages. If a professional is not regularly answering their phone, they are sure to miss out on new, or even existing, business opportunities.

2. A phone answering service will ensure that customers will have their phone calls answered and returned, without being required to leave a voicemail and in this it will save time. This will undoubtedly increase a business’s customer base, therefore increasing their profits. In fact, many businesses notice a 60% return on the investment they put into a phone answering service.

3. When employing a phone answering service, business owners are only required to pay for the phone calls that are answered. If the answering service only answers one phone call in an hour long period, a business owner will only be required to pay for that one phone call. However, if a business were to hire a receptionist, they would be required to pay him or her per hour, regardless of how many phone calls they answered. Phone answering services can save business owners a great deal of money, especially when considering that these professionals do not have to be given benefits, like paid training, vacation time, or health insurance.

4. Phone answering services can also be tailored to a business’s individual needs. thus saving time. Those employed by phone answering services are experienced and extremely professional. They are able to take detailed messages, answer the phone with a customized greeting, and screen and transfer calls according to a business’s instructions. Additionally, these services can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure the highest standard of customer service.

To conclude, availing of a small business phone answering service is indeed a worthwhile investment as it helps in projecting a big business image, improving productivity, saving money and reducing work-related tension.

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