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5 Photo Apps That Will Transform Your Photography

5 Photo Apps That Will Transform Your Photography

10 Jun , 2016,
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Ever look at other people’s awesome mobile phone pics and ask yourself: “Why do my shots always look like they’ve been taken with a potato?!” Or do you consider yourself a budding photographer, and simply just want to up your game?

With most smartphones featuring a decent camera on them these days, often the difference between a bad and a beautiful photo can be in the edit. Since we’re here to make mobile better, we thought we’d share a few handy photo-editing apps so that your photography game can go from novice to @NatGeo.

1. VSCO Cam

With 10 adjustable filters and 16 editing features, VSCO Cam is a simple but powerful editing tool. Our favourite features are the ‘Fade’ tool, which creates that beautiful washed out vibe that’s all the craze these days; the ‘History’ tool, which shows you all the edits you’ve made (and lets you quickly make alterations!); and the before an after comparisons to show you how far your edit has come.

(FREE to download on iPhone and Android)

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is a name synonymous with photo editing. Whilst this app doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the desktop version (it’s just the basics), it’s very easy to use with in-app tips and tricks. Plus, unlike the desktop version, it’s completely free!

(FREE to download on iPhone and Android)

3. PicsArt Photo Studio

You’ll never be short of filters with the PicsArt Photo Studio app – there’s almost too many to choose from! But the best thing about this app, hands down, is that you can add neat little text overlays to your images to give your shots that designer touch.

(FREE to download on iPhone and Android)

4. Simply B&W

The name of this app says it all really – it simply does black and white images. And boy, does it do them well! The best feature of this app is the colour filters, which apply actual filters seen on real cameras (not just colour tints) to affect the contrast of your image. So if black and white is your thing, then look no further!

(FREE to download on iPhone and Android)

5. Instagram

It’d be tough to leave out Instagram on this list – it’s the most popular photo-editing app in the world and one of the main reasons mobile phone photography has taken off!

And with 22 adjustable filters and 13 powerful editing tools – it’s no wonder Instagram is the go-to photo editing app for many. Our favourite feature is ‘Tilt Shift’, a selective focus tool that, when used correctly, can really make your photos pop by creating a greater depth of field around subjects.

(FREE on iPhone and Android)

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