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5 Creative Apps To Get You Out Of Bed Read

10 Jun , 2016,
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Let’s face it. The only thing preventing you from smashing your alarm clock every morning is the fact that it’s your smartphone. Here are 5 creative apps that improve your mobile experience by helping you out of bed in the mornin’!

1. Wake N Shake: As Taylor Swift once famously said, “Shake it Off”. The only way to shut this clock off is to shake it like crazy!

(Available on iPhone $1.29)

2. FreakyAlarm: Consider yourself an Einstein of sorts? The only way to snooze this alarm is to complete missions of math and puzzles. E = mc ²… Good luck.

(Available on iPhone $2.49)

3. Wakie: Okay, here’s an odd one for you. A Tinder-like alarm clock! This ‘social alarm clock’ lets you wake up (and be woken up by) strangers. How would you feel inviting a random stranger from the other side of the world into your bedroom? Awkssss…

(Available on iPhone & Android – FREE)

4. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can): You’ll never want to hit the snooze button again after this app. You have to register a location to turn off the alarm. So tomorrow morning you’ll have to run to the kitchen as fast as you can to switch it off!

(Available on iPhone $2.49 and Android for FREE)

5. Sleep Cycle alarm clock: This one is a crowd favourite. This little nifty alarm clock analyses your sleep, monitors your movement and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase. When you wake in your light phase, you will literally feel like you can float out of bed into the shower #likeaboss.

(Available on iPhone $1.29 and Android $1.69)

We hope these creative apps help get you out of bed in the morning! And look, if all else fails, you’re probably addicted to sleep. Who doesn’t love sleep?

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