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5 Helpful Apps That Can Make Life Easier

5 Helpful Apps That Can Make Life Easier [FREE]

10 Aug , 2016,
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For every questionable app out there, there is an app that really helps make a difference. Technology, when put to good use, can really help make people’s lives better. Here are just 5 of our favourite apps that are designed to help make life that little bit easier.

1. Be My Eyes: There’s nothing better than people helping other people. This app connects people who are blind or visually impaired with over 90 000 volunteers who are ready and waiting to provide assistance. Via direct video connection, a blind person can ask for help in a range of scenarios – from finding their way around to reading the ingredients list on a jar of sauce. They simply send their request and the volunteer gets a notification that their assistance is required.

(Available on iPhone, Android coming soon – FREE)

2. Spread The Sign: Want to know how to say ‘red’ or ‘cat’ in sign language? Boasting a dictionary of over 200,000 words, Spread the Sign shows anyone – hearing impaired or not – how to sign their chosen word. Simply pick your language, type in your word, and then watch a video demonstrating the correct sign. Pretty cool, …


Save Time With An Answering Service

9 Aug , 2016,
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It can be an arduous task for small business owner to answer each and every incoming phone call when there are many other core responsibilities to focus on. Nowadays, there are efficient small Business Phone Answering services that assist small business owners in their call handling.

The customer service that a company provides is crucial in maintaining existing clients as well as attracting more customers. Employing a phone answering service in small business offices can greatly enhance its customer service even as increasing its productivity. In addition, Business Phone Answering services like are highly profitable for small businesses that do not have enough capital to employ a full-time receptionist to handle the huge volume of inbound calls. The virtual small business phone answering service provides all the benefits of a live receptionist round-the-clock at a fraction of the cost.

How Save Time through Business Phone Answering

1. According to a recent study by AT&T, around 75% of business related phone calls will not be completed on the first try. Additionally, 65% of people do not normally leave voice messages. These statistics show that consumers are not only failing to get through to businesses, but they are not leaving messages. …