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Ways Pallet Racking can Help Your Business

Warehouses required storing each one of those materials that are not required right now or not sought after right now but rather can be utilized later on. There are various racking frameworks that are utilized for the smooth running of the distribution center operations. Pallet Racking considered as the foundation of guaranteeing that there is no issue in warehousing operations. This alludes to such a material taking care of capacity help framework that intended for putting away materials on beds or slips.

What are different types of such racking system?

This racking framework comes in different kinds as specified underneath:

1) Selective Pallet Racking

This known as the most widely recognized kind of such framework utilized today. This sort of racking comes in two arrangements, and they are a roll framed otherwise called auxiliary jolt together design and a clasp in setup.

2) Push-back pallet rack

This sort of frameworks planned on the standard of arranging space on the premise of profundity than the width. This aide in significantly decreasing path space alongside expanding stockpiling thickness. This design incorporates every sound up to six beds profound and every bed put away on wheeled trucks that are fitted onto rails. …

17 Nov, 2016 admin
5 Helpful Apps That Can Make Life Easier

5 Helpful Apps That Can Make Life Easier [FREE]

For every questionable app out there, there is an app that really helps make a difference. Technology, when put to good use, can really help make people’s lives better. Here are just 5 of our favourite apps that are designed to help make life that little bit easier.

1. Be My Eyes: There’s nothing better than people helping other people. This app connects people who are blind or visually impaired with over 90 000 volunteers who are ready and waiting to provide assistance. Via direct video connection, a blind person can ask for help in a range of scenarios – from finding their way around to reading the ingredients list on a jar of sauce. They simply send their request and the volunteer gets a notification that their assistance is required.

(Available on iPhone, Android coming soon – FREE)

2. Spread The Sign: Want to know how to say ‘red’ or ‘cat’ in sign language? Boasting a dictionary of over 200,000 words, Spread the Sign shows anyone – hearing impaired or not – how to sign their chosen word. Simply pick your language, type in your word, and then watch a video demonstrating the correct sign. Pretty cool, …

10 Aug, 2016 admin

Save Time With An Answering Service

It can be an arduous task for small business owner to answer each and every incoming phone call when there are many other core responsibilities to focus on. Nowadays, there are efficient small Business Phone Answering services that assist small business owners in their call handling.

The customer service that a company provides is crucial in maintaining existing clients as well as attracting more customers. Employing a phone answering service in small business offices can greatly enhance its customer service even as increasing its productivity. In addition, Business Phone Answering services like www.businessphoneanswering.com.au are highly profitable for small businesses that do not have enough capital to employ a full-time receptionist to handle the huge volume of inbound calls. The virtual small business phone answering service provides all the benefits of a live receptionist round-the-clock at a fraction of the cost.

How Save Time through Business Phone Answering

1. According to a recent study by AT&T, around 75% of business related phone calls will not be completed on the first try. Additionally, 65% of people do not normally leave voice messages. These statistics show that consumers are not only failing to get through to businesses, but they are not leaving messages. …

9 Aug, 2016 admin
7 Data Saving Tips

7 Data Saving Tips

1. Turn off background syncing

‘Background syncing’ can really eat up your data if you’re not careful. “But what is it?”, we hear you ask. Well, it’s when an app uses your data when not opened and sends you notifications. Whilst handy for some apps, it’s not always necessary for everything. Here’s how to turn it off (and back on!) for certain apps:

For iPhone: Settings Notifications and then select the apps you want to “Allow Notifications” for;
For Android: Settings Connections Data usage then head into “View App Settings” for the certain apps you want to limit data usage for and follow the prompts.

2. Facebook video autoplay

Facebook recently introduced video autoplay, which means videos play automatically (who would’ve thought?!) when scrolling through your News Feed. Again, whilst handy, video can really drain your data quickly. Here’s how to turn this setting off:

For iPhone: Settings Videos and Photos and change the settings to either “Never Play Videos Automatically” or “Use Wi-Fi Only”;
For Android: Settings Video Auto-Play and change the settings to either “Wi-Fi Only” or “Off”.

3. Use less data on Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram can use a lot of data too. A recent update of …

13 Jun, 2016 admin
How Business Can Utilise Mobile Technology

How Business Can Utilise Mobile Technology

The use of mobile technology is increasing and a single region on the globe is unaffected by it. The mobile technology for business has the ability to reach prospective customers like never before, and the best part is that it is not even very expensive. The mobile technology has become a part of everyone’s life and its advantages can be used to make a business successful too. However, if you wish to utilize all the features of a mobile technology for your business, then the best way is by getting the same through a mobile application.

According to business-coaching.melbourne Mobile technology solutions are present across various sectors like in Financial Services institutions, Insurance industry and Travel and Transportation, prod, Retail and Education. This will help customers and clients improve and enhance their operational efficiency and give the best results. With mobile and IT, a market can improve itself in this highlight competitive world.

If you are running a business and not sure if you should invest in mobile technology for business, then this is How Business Can Utilise Mobile Technology for you business growth and development and factors to consider.

Your Business should be adaptable to change in technology

If …

12 Jun, 2016 admin
The Evolution of Mobile Technology

The Evolution of Mobile Technology

It’s safe to say, Mobile Phone Technology has come a long way:

1. Early Mobile Phones

Cell phones used to be just analog phones, with the sole purpose of providing the consumer with the capability of making and receiving voice calls while on the road. Innovation in the form of text messaging followed. Many people saw the convenience in a cheaper means of sending a short message without making a call. As messages got more and more creative in design, there were more and more additions being made to the capabilities of a cell phone. Text messages soon had the ability to make their way into an email. Graphics were integrated into text messages.

“A product you simply cannot live without and I’m sure others will agree is your cell phone” says John Millar. Cell phones have been around for a long time, and they truly have revolutionized the way we communicate. Back in the day cell phones were large huge devices with long antennae. They sort of resembled military walkie talkies except instead of holding them up to your mouth you instead held it up to your ear. The only feature they offered was the ability to …

11 Jun, 2016 admin
5 Photo Apps That Will Transform Your Photography

5 Photo Apps That Will Transform Your Photography

Ever look at other people’s awesome mobile phone pics and ask yourself: “Why do my shots always look like they’ve been taken with a potato?!” Or do you consider yourself a budding photographer, and simply just want to up your game?

With most smartphones featuring a decent camera on them these days, often the difference between a bad and a beautiful photo can be in the edit. Since we’re here to make mobile better, we thought we’d share a few handy photo-editing apps so that your photography game can go from novice to @NatGeo.

1. VSCO Cam

With 10 adjustable filters and 16 editing features, VSCO Cam is a simple but powerful editing tool. Our favourite features are the ‘Fade’ tool, which creates that beautiful washed out vibe that’s all the craze these days; the ‘History’ tool, which shows you all the edits you’ve made (and lets you quickly make alterations!); and the before an after comparisons to show you how far your edit has come.

(FREE to download on iPhone and Android)

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is a name synonymous with photo editing. Whilst this app doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the desktop version …

10 Jun, 2016 admin
5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Mobile

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Mobile

If spring-cleaning the house seems like too big a task, why not start with your mobile? Getting rid of mobile junk will give you the same buzz as cleaning out your wardrobe and has the added bonus of making your mobile work better. That’s a double win in our books. Here are five ways to get your mobile into shape for Spring.

1. Free Up Hard Drive Space:

Photos and videos can really hog your hard drive. So just upload them to your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud and enjoy all that extra space. And any music you no longer need can be moved to your computer too. Now that’s a happy hard drive.

2. De-clutter your home screen:

Remember when you downloaded that fab abs app? And remember how you used it once and then forgot about it? Yeah, it’s time to dump it. The same goes for any app you haven’t used in the last 3 months. Be ruthless. Your home screen will be a vast field of possibilities. Home screen serenity now!

3. Organise your Home screen:

Any apps that survived the purge now need to be organised into a neat folder system. If you’re …

10 Jun, 2016 admin
5 apps

5 Creative Apps To Get You Out Of Bed Read

Let’s face it. The only thing preventing you from smashing your alarm clock every morning is the fact that it’s your smartphone. Here are 5 creative apps that improve your mobile experience by helping you out of bed in the mornin’!

1. Wake N Shake: As Taylor Swift once famously said, “Shake it Off”. The only way to shut this clock off is to shake it like crazy!

(Available on iPhone $1.29)

2. FreakyAlarm: Consider yourself an Einstein of sorts? The only way to snooze this alarm is to complete missions of math and puzzles. E = mc ²… Good luck.

(Available on iPhone $2.49)

3. Wakie: Okay, here’s an odd one for you. A Tinder-like alarm clock! This ‘social alarm clock’ lets you wake up (and be woken up by) strangers. How would you feel inviting a random stranger from the other side of the world into your bedroom? Awkssss…

(Available on iPhone & Android – FREE)

4. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can): You’ll never want to hit the snooze button again after this app. You have to register a location to turn off the alarm. So tomorrow morning you’ll have to run to the kitchen as fast …

10 Jun, 2016 admin